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SHADES will focus on various sounds that pay homage to and push forward the underground dance culture coming from the likes of Chicago, Detroit, New York and beyond. 

Expect to hear classics and forward thinking House, Techno, Disco, and Club weaved together to keep your whole body grooving.


Ace Afrique

Afrique Like Me is a curated music experience that celebrates art, electronic, dance, underground and alternative music from across Africa and the diaspora. It started as an intimate after hours party in Toronto’s west end, grew into an underground event held in unconventional spaces, and is now a mainstay on the city’s social calendar.

Ace Afrique at Evangeline is a meeting place for anyone and everyone looking to have a night of well rounded interactions with community, self expression to the sounds of an African Electronic Dance Music Experience.

The Afrique Like Me Collective was formed in 2019 and consists of DJs/ Creatives Razaq El Toro, Martinses, and Sonic Griot.


Salon 51

Salon 51 invites you to converge, mingle, share wise words and maybe even gossip amongst friends, new and old. Inspired by the legacy of the French salon, socializing outside of your circle is encouraged, as is a touch of glamour. Author Marlowe Granados sets the pace of the cinq à sept gatherings in Evangeline. 


On the last Sunday of the month, an artist, DJ or collective makes Evangeline their playground for the night. New Hope is here to push possibility through sound, featuring a novel performance each night and an ever-evolving rotation of Toronto visionaries.

Feburary  26

In February, we invite Canadian-American bassist and composer Leighton McKinley Harrell and his quartet to perform Jazz informed and inspired by other genres and sounds by Black artists across the African diaspora.

March 26

March features New Ho Queen (NHQ) is a Toronto-based creative collective that focuses on providing spaces of celebration made for queer and trans Asians to dance, be seen, and find love. Through the fusion of art, nightlife, fashion, and performance, NHQ continues to create opportunities to reconnect with one’s own communities while uplifting the queer Asian creatives of the city.


We have invited Bully to take over New Hope in April. Bully is a black-led print magazine, digital publisher and creative community for unheard voices and unseen perspectives in arts and culture.

Born from a lack of representation in creative arenas, we are building new conditions for our community to thrive. 

This platform exists to empower those who’ve felt pushed down.

May 28

May’s New Hope has Slash Need, the electro-punk, industrial and new wave duo making music that all converge on the dance floor as a confrontational, camp and seductive dramaturge.